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We Shall Achieve Carbon Neutral!

When JFK declared that “We shall go to the Moon!” in 1962, US was lagged behind other countries in their space race, and the US government then established National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to accelerate the effort.

Nowadays, NASA has already developed to become the World leading agency, training talents and incubating various ideas according to a clear blueprint under strong leadership.

Aim to Build a NASA-alike hub to Achieve Carbon Neutral


Testing Certification Labs
Technology Incubators
University R&D


International Building / Construction Consultants
International Management Government
Sustainability Companies

Our Beliefs

1. Things need to change. Companies have spent far too long measuring their success through a single lens. Profit. They’ve sacrificed the interests of others (their employees, their customers, their communities, and the environment) for their own financial benefit.

2. In the future, the most successful companies will be a force for ‘good’. We’re approaching a once-in-a-generation shift of capital away from companies which harm society and the environment, and into mission-driven companies solving the world’s biggest problems.

3. How a company behaves is just as important as what it does. The world is more connected and more transparent than ever before. This means that the walls companies used to build around themselves are being ripped down. Today, customers (and employees) hold the power. A new breed of company will be successful, one which understands that how it behaves is just as important as what it does.

Our Strategies

We evaluate green projects using our "CAIBO" approach.

Our Target

We are committed to bringing green technology to help reach carbon neutrality targets.

Our Founder

In every office or every team, you’ll find passionate people behind the success.

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