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B2B B2G pilot scheme

To achieve a greater impact on environment, we believe that sound green technology should be applied on country/provincial/ city levels, apart from corporate implementations.

Innovation management

Our experts are well trained leaders to adivse on operations, so you could focus on developing the technology.


We are interested in investing in green technology and we are also partnering with wide spectrum of early stage investors and family offices to raise funding for the development.


For technology providers seeking advisory on business development, funding and commercialization strategies.

Pilot Scheme

We will connect you with real companies to test trial for real data collection and compare that with the lab data.

Commercialization Plan

You have a ground-breaking technology and what's next? We will help you implement Go-to-Market strategy, expanding on business levels as well as on government and city levels.

Investment and Fund-raising

We know that capital is key to accelerate growth and we are here to help.

Optimizing Operational Efficiency

Our experts are full of C-suite executives who are well trained to advise on improving operations and boosting bottom line.

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