It is not just efficiency alone that advocates the use of green technology in the energy sector. Reduced costs, decreased environmental impacts, grid security and reliability are further benefits. Thus, new technologies should be carefully integrated into the system to complement existing infrastructure. Our global energy practice has the expertise to help you get ahead in a world of energy change.

Our Energy Services

ACN draws on a deep understanding of the energy industry, technologies, and stakeholders to help clients tackle today’s energy challenge and tap into new opportunities around the world. We work with business leaders, governments, and ecosystems to ensure that solutions are as practical as they are equitable and just.

Energy Transition. We help clients navigate the challenges and complexities of the energy transformation to ensure smooth transition to low-carbon or clean energy.

Climate Change and Sustainability. We help businesses identify and harness climate innovation, embed sustainability into their business at scale, and link energy plans with climate commitments.

Big Data. We ensure that clients are applying the best analytics and solutions for the sharpest insights around energy access, emissions reduction, and operational excellence.

Renewable energy technology

“Renewable energy technology” is an umbrella term that stands for energy production using a renewable energy source like solar, wind, water (hydro and tidal), biomass (biofuels and wastes), and geothermal heat.

Example: Cylindrical Wind Turbine

Unique shape of turbines makes it easier to deploy in locations such as rooftops.

Efficiency technology by Mishra

Efficiency Technology

Efficiency technology by Mishra

Energy efficiency is the use of less energy to perform the same task or produce the same result. Energy-efficient homes and buildings use less energy to heat, cool, and run appliances and electronics, and energy-efficient manufacturing facilities use less energy to produce goods.

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