Water and Waste Management

Today’s challenge for sustainable water management is to develop environmentally friendly,economically viable, and energy-efficient processes for treating and preserving the world’s limited water resources. Successful approaches will provide a high removal-efficiency of pollutants and nutrient recovery while also reducing the carbon footprint, minimizing waste, and protecting human health and the environment.

The classification:

  • Recycling technology
  • Sewage treatment and solid waste management
  • Water purification

Our Approach to Working with the Water and Waste Industry

ACN is dedicated to helping each of our clients design a green strategy to identify the potential cut on carbon emission as well as implement innovative technology to optimize efficiency:

  • Evaluate and identify potential carbon reduction
  • Digitalize relevant carbon data for measurement
  • Implement green technology to reduce carbon footprints and keep tracking until targets are met

Recycling Technology

Potable reuse is a sustainable water treatment option that is slowly growing in popularity, especially as water scarcity becomes more problematic. Singapore’s NEWater program has taken that approach since 2002, becoming a world leader in such reuse.

Singapore NEWater by Kristine Wong (2015)

Sewage Treatment and Solid Waste Management

There is a need for a paradigm shift toward developing indigenous technologies that convert solid waste to cheap and clean energy. Various innovations use the “green technology approach” in putting trash back into the value chain.

Water Purification

Water filters that capture and kill virus and bacteria with low pressure.

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