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What is a smart building?

A smart building is a building that uses Internet of Things (IoT) devices to enable efficient and economical use of resources while providing a safe, comfortable environment to occupants.

Smart buildings use a wide range of existing technologies and are designed or retrofitted to allow for the integration of future technological developments.

The IoT devices used – electronic sensors, building management systems, and more – are connected to the internet and to each other.

IoT in smart buildings simplifies tasks such as:

  • Building temperature control,
  • Smart water usage,
  • Pest control,
  • Fire detection,
  • Security and access control, and
  • Structural health monitoring.

IoT sensors are essential to making these applications possible. They enable the collection and analysis of real-time data with the purpose of:

  • Improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings,
  • Reducing maintenance costs, and
  • Enhancing occupant comfort, security, and safety.


Limited coverage of in-building signal


World fist deployment in 5G sub-6 patented “5G meta film”

Transparent meta-surface film technology enables 5G communication signal to pass through building glass window with beam focusing ability in order to improve 5G signal in indoor environment.

Wireless senor network and IoT

A single platform to enable 5G indoor coverage with applications.


Retail and F&B

Although the city is covered by 5G, there is still area especially in indoor environment, you can hardly connected 5G network. By using 5G meta film, outdoor 5G signal can pass through glass window and enter working place. A 5G indoor repeater covers your whole indoor area and with 5G CPE, you can connect your applications with stable WiFi 6 signal.

Warehouse / Cold Storage Unit

Problem: Weak cellular coverage hindering IoT applications.

Solution: Having a strong 5G signal is key to IoT applications in warehouse and cold storage units but on many occasions the 5G signals received are very weak due to signal-blocking materials. Applying the 5G metal film could help amplify the 5G signal without having to pay high cost for 5G repeaters installation.

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