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Considering the higher cost of public charging, EV drivers naturally expect a seamless and well-planned charging experience. However, with the current infrastructure, this isn’t being delivered.


According to a recent study, EV drivers found 25% of public EV chargers to be unusable due to broken connectors, network failures, payment system failures, and unresponsive screens. The study returned to 10% of those malfunctioning chargers eight days later to find no improvements in functionality. With EV drivers unable to rely on chargers, their experience becomes fraught with anxiety.


Inconsistencies apply to EV charging across the board. The first is the hardware, the connectors themselves. Level 1 and Level 2 chargers, which use wall plugs that can be found in homes, use a standard connector that works across all EVs except Tesla. However, Level 3 chargers, which provide the convenience of fast charging and are increasingly being deployed in public charging spaces, use three different standards.

Manufacturers have therefore developed a range of different charging connectors for their vehicles. Depending on the model of car an EV driver has, they may find fewer compatible charging stations in their local area and along planned routes. Once the right connector is found, other issues are common.

  • Not plugging the connector fully into the EV charging port (no *click* sound)
  • Thinking the connector is stuck, but it just needs a little more elbow grease
  • A CHAdeMO connector not seated fully into a Tesla adapter

Beyond hardware, further inconsistencies apply as different charging stations offer different customer experiences. Payment methods, for example, vary and cause friction. Many Charge Point Operators (CPOs) require the driver to download an app and will then ask for payment in-app. Others run on a membership model. Sometimes a program charging card is used where the card swipe does not work.


To be the most profitable neighbourhood shared fast charging network in providing the effortless charging experience and lifestyle platform to owners of all EV brands.


  • Introduction of government incentive schemes in residential charging
  • New building with Gross Floor Area concessions (Hong Kong)
  • High demand for public fast destination chargers

Core competences

  • Seemless user experience via mobile app including ultra fast charging, one stop booking & payment, “No Tap” parking & charging operations
  • Lifestyles integrations via various reward programmes
  • Leading technology provider with integrated EV charing verticals

Timeline and Milestones

  • Appointed value-added partner with a number of operators including Huawei
  • 100 charging bays to be deployed in HK in 2023
  • Mobile app and operations to go live in Q1 2023
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