Green building technology uses advanced technologies to develop buildings with minimal impact on the environment throughout all lifecycle stages: from design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, to demolition.


  • Sustainable building material
  • Building performance technology

ACN Approach

  • Identify how to optimize the energy efficiency in the building including aircon, radiant surfaces, IoT technology, LED and efficient lighting system, solid waste and water treatment, calculations on carbon emissions and reduction strategy, etc.
  • Digitalize all devices into centralised dashboard for easy tracking and measurement.
  • Continuously review and extend the longevity of devices using innovative green solutions.

Sustainable Building Material

Example: Carbon Curing + Nano Bubble for Concrete

A nanobubble generator is used to create oxygen nanobubbles in water, This nano-bubbled water is mixed with cement and aggregates to produced greener pre-cast concrete. Lower use of cement (approx 14%) for the same tensile strength. Cure times are also significantly reduced. The process saves energy costs and reduces carbon emissions. Less cement is required.

Building Performance Technology

Example: Radiative paints

Radiative cooling is a passive cooling technology that acts by reflecting sunlight and emitting radiation in the sky window. Since high peak cooling demand generally occurs during the daytime in the summer, sub-ambient daytime radiative cooling has recently attracted much interest, as it can reduce the need for mechanical cooling.

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